GreenPalm Sustainability

GreenPalm exclusively operates the book and claim supply chain option for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The GreenPalm option allows RSPO certified growers to convert their certified oil into certificates, one tonne of certified crude palm oil or palm kernel oil converts to one certificate. Offers for these certificates are then placed on the GreenPalm Market.

Product manufacturers who use palm, palm kernel oil or any palm based derivative or fraction in their products then place offers for these certificates, offsetting their physical oil with the equivalent amount of certificates. The claim can then be made that your company/product supports the production of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. The full value of each certificate is sent back to the RSPO producer who can then reinvest this premium to help tackle the environmental and social issues created by the production of palm oil and palm oil derivatives.

By buying products that bear the GreenPalm logo, consumers can make a positive contribution to the production of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) and certified sustainable palm kernel oil (CSPKO).

By producing and selling products which are covered by the GreenPalm program, food manufacturers and retailers can reward palm producers for working in a sustainable and responsible way, and tell their customers that they have done so.

By selling certificates through the GreenPalm program, palm oil producers can earn more for their crop.