Aloecorp is the world’s largest vertically integrated company involved in the cultivation and production of aloe vera raw materials for the food, cosmetic, complementary medicine and pharmaceutical industries. Cultivation is undertaken in three countries across thousands of hectares, totalling over nine million plants. Good agricultural practices combined with scientific farming techniques ensure that no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are used during cultivation.

Vertical integration enables crops to be processed within hours of harvesting utilising state of the art patented and proprietary manufacturing techniques. This in conjunction with an ISO 9001 certified quality system ensures that the biologically active compounds found in fresh aloe vera are optimised by processing.

All aloe vera raw materials are thoroughly tested to ensure biological activity. Aloecorp was one of the first companies to be awarded certification from the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for raw materials that meet the Council’s test standards for purity and quality. All ACTIValoe™ and CERTIFIEDPLUS® raw materials are guaranteed for biological activity and certified for purity and authenticity by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).

The ACTIValoe™ range is standardised to a minimum 10% total polysaccharides by weight, and is guaranteed to retain biological activity.

Qmatrix™ is an innovative process developed by Aloecorp that delivers a higher degree of product freshness and biological activity than any other production method in use today. Freshness was a key goal in the development of the Qmatrix™ process, but it had to be combined with the retention of biological activity. Aloe vera manufactured and dehydrated using the Qmatrix™ process combines a patented method of polysaccharide preservation with a patented low temperature short time dehydration process that has been proven to retain heat-sensitive compounds.

Aloecorp are committed to research and have an active and ongoing research program, and have undertaken numerous clinical and scientific studies that highlight the benefits of Aloe vera.

Retaining nature’s purity with groundbreaking research and advanced technology is what makes Aloecorp the world’s largest and most trusted source of aloe vera raw materials.