InterHealth researches, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary complementary medicine and food ingredients, which are sold to manufacturers of complementary medicine, food and beverage products globally. The company’s success is earmarked by its unique, high-quality ingredients, aggressive research program and powerful co-branding marketing strategy.

InterHealth specialises in proprietary, value-added nutritional ingredients, including SuperCitrimax®, ChromeMate®, L-OptiZinc®, UC-II™ and others. Currently, InterHealth’s ingredients are incorporated in more than 600 products that are marketed in more than 30 countries around the world.

Punctuating the company’s success is its co-branding marketing program. InterHealth creates brand names and logos for its proprietary ingredients, which help consumers identify products that contain InterHealth ingredients. Manufacturers that use InterHealth ingredients and display the ingredient logos on their finished product labels and advertising materials benefit from the brand awareness and end user demand created by the various advertising and public relations activities InterHealth uses to promote its ingredients to consumers and retailers.

Another important component to the company’s success is its product research program. InterHealth actively sponsors original research on its ingredients, helping to establish safety and efficacy. InterHealth has sponsored research on its ingredients at more than a dozen universities, which has resulted in more than 100 research presentations, publications and abstracts presented at leading scientific conferences or published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

As a recognised industry leader, InterHealth Nutraceuticals is making significant contributions to science, as well as helping to increase the quality of life for today’s health conscious consumers.