Stratum Nutrition

Stratum Nutrition is a division of Novus Nutrition Brands, a subsidiary of Novus International, Inc. Novus is a leading developer of animal health and nutrition programs based on science. Novus has offices around the world serving clients in over 90 countries. We believe in service, solutions, and sustainability. The corporate mission is to make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global needs for nutrition and health with a vision to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve higher quality of life. Stratum Nutrition offers functional and specialty branded ingredients for manufacturers and marketers of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Stratum Nutrition leverages the Novus core competencies in nutritional research and innovation as well as the corporate commitment to sustainability by considering economic, environmental and social factors. Stratum Nutrition offers a portfolio of branded, value added ingredients that are progressive, safe and reliable. These ingredients are based on consumer need, supported by science and the backing of a trusted multi-national company. Our specialty ingredient portfolio focuses on specific health platforms including cardiovascular health, bone & joint health, digestive and immune health. All specialty ingredients share a common research and development philosophy including unique and/or patented technologies with strong scientific and clinical research. The Stratum Nutrition product portfolio includes NEM®, an all-natural and sustainable ingredient from eggshell membrane that supports joint comfort and flexibility.