Unigen was established in 1996 and is dedicated to the development of botanical derived therapeutic compounds that address consumer health needs and improve quality of life.

Unigen undertakes research and development in the natural products industry, creating innovative concepts for pharmaceutical, functional food, complementary medicine and cosmetic industries.

The Unigen discovery path begins with bio-prospecting on a global scale and Unigen’s extensive plant library currently now contains over 10,000 plants and 175,000 fractions which are screened using the PhytoLogix® process to discover novel compounds. The research and discovery process encompasses work at the human, cellular and genomic levels.

Unigen focuses on identifying and studying the unique bioactive natural products of medicinal botanicals and then developing them into proprietary standardised extracts for use as novel ingredients in the cosmeceutical, complementary medicine and pharmaceutical industries.

Unigen have an extensive intellectual property portfolio with 151 patents either issued, pending or licensed.